:  Mrs. Williams  –
Gemalene Acupan

Dora (mean girl)  –
Brittany St. Clair

Abigail (ditzy girl)  –
Tabitha Fleming

Reggie (Christian boy)  –
Brian McClain



Williams:  Today we have the story of the
first day of school.  It is just like any
other first day of school for Dora and Abigail (they enter and look around).  They look for their classes, and say Hi to
friends, but this day will turn out to be anything but ordinary **Alien Noise**


Dora:  Hey, Abby!
How was your summer?  Mine was
fantastic, cruising the Mediterranean, as
usual.  Did you do any shopping?  I spent hours in the malls, buying everything
I wanted.  Did you meet any cute
guys?  I saw a glimpse of Prince William
on theRiviera.  I hear he got engaged though, well…


Abigail:  Great, Yes and No..(looks off to the


Dora:  Abby!
You’re not listening to anything I’m saying.


Oh, sorry.  Hey did you see that new guy over there
(Reggie enters).

never seen him before, he looks kinda different, like he’s not from around


Dora:  Yeah, not from anywhere around here.  Look at his clothes, where did he buy them,
the Gap from Outer Space?


Abigail:  Well maybe we should say Hi to him, you know
welcome him to our planet, I mean school.


Dora:  Planet!
You are so funny, yeah maybe he IS an alien.  Come on let’s go to class  (exits).


Abigail:  Wouldn’t that be creepy if he really was an
alien  **Alien Noise**??  What was that?  Uh, oh, time for class (exits).


Williams:  Class, let’s get started
(students enter)  I think we all know
each other, but we  have a new student.  Reggie, please introduce yourself.


Reggie:  Hi, everybody,  my name is Reginald Cadet, but my friends
call me Reggie.  We just moved here a few
weeks ago from Neptune City,
New Jersey.  Have any of you heard of Neptune
before, it was a gas living there, but I’m excited about living here in Terra


Williams:  Tell us some things you like
to do, Reggie.  You probably have a lot
in common with students in our class.


Reggie:  Okay, at my old home I had a great church and
youth group that I went to every Sunday and Wednesday.  We’d get together and do Bible Study, play
games and pray together.  Our favorite
activity though was going to serve dinner and worship at the Homeless Shelter
every Friday night.  I hope I can find
activities like that here.


Dora:  (Whispers to Abby)  Church on Fridays, Sundays and
Wednesdays??  Who ever heard of
that?  Maybe this guy is an alien.


Abigail:  He did say he was from Neptune??  If this guy is an alien, don’t you think we
should tell someone, like the police, or the army, or those guys from Star
Trek? **Alien Noise**( students exit)


Williams:  The next day things did not
get easier for Reggie.  Every time he
tried to share something about his church, or outreach activities the students
kept treating him like he was from outer space. (Dora and Reggie enter)


Reggie:  Hey, Dora?
I heard that the school is organizing a Canned Food Drive for the needy, do you know how
I sign up to help?


Dora:  I don’t think so.


Reggie:  How about the Community Clean Up Crew, have
you ever helped out with that?


Dora:  I don’t know how life was on Neptune, Reggie,
but here on Earth those activities are not cool. (Abby enters wearing foil
hat)  Abby, what is that on your head?


Abigail:  It’s the latest fashion in Anti- Alien
Headgear,  (whispers to Dora)  It keeps him from looking into my brain.


Dora:  I don’t think you have that much to hide, but
maybe you are right.  Let’s tell everyone
to stay away from this new guy, he’s definitely OUT THERE!


Williams:  Even though the girls spread rumors about him being an alien, Reggie continued to get involved in his new community and tried to get his classmates involved as well.  They kept thinking he was strange, but slowly
Reggie’s enthusiasm for helping others began to wear off. (Reggie and Abby


Abigail:  Thanks for inviting me to Youth Group last
night, Reggie.  I had a great time.  Some people even asked me to make foil hats
for them.  I think I have started a new


Reggie:  I’m glad you had fun, maybe we can get Dora
to come next week.


Abigail:  I don’t know, let’s ask her, but that might
be the night when she gets her weekly massage, facial and mud pack.


Reggie:  Mud pack?
And people say I’m strange.  (Dora


Abigail:  Hey, Dora, do you want to go with Reggie, me
and the rest of the cheerleading squad to sing hymns at the Old Folks


Dora:  All the cheerleaders are going?  When did I become the one left out?  When did I become the alien?


Reggie:  Listen Dora, if it is alien to do things for
others before ourselves, and reach out to the needy in the name of Jesus, than
I guess I am the biggest alien out there, but we’d love to have you join us.


Abigail:  Yeah, come on Dora, it’s fun to help
others.  I’ll even make you a foil hat,
everyone’s wearing them now.


Dora:  Well, okay, I’ll give it a try.


Reggie:  Awesome!
Let’s go everybody! (students exit, teacher enters)


Williams:  The Bible says in I Peter
2:11-12  “Dear friends, I urge you, as
aliens and strangers in the world to abstain from sinful desires, which war
against your soul.  Live such good lives
among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your
good deeds, and glorify God.”

was a great example to his friends and community, so don’t be afraid to do
what’s right, even if it’s ALIEN!
**Alien Noise**








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