Laun Mowar

Laun Mowar


Stephanie Pantoja and Sarah Porter

Puppets: 2 girl puppets, 2 boy puppets


Characters: Alex Laun Mowar
– has glasses and buck-teeth (We used felt and Velcro for his teeth.), Jared
Martin – doo rag (We used a stretchy book cover.) and sunglasses, Ashli Holt –
ribbons and earrings, Evette Williams – big hoop earrings


Props: small baseball bat,
baseball, grass




Alex:  Hey Jared!


Jared:  What do you
want? (Scornfully)


Alex:  Do you want to


Jared:  With you?
Alex Mowar?…Alex Laun Mowar?!


Alex:  Yeah…want to play
baseball with me?


Jared:  Launny wants to play baseball with me?
Oh ok…(bored and



Alex pitches an invisible ball. Jared hits it. A
ball flies up backstage. Alex dives to catch it. He comes up with grass in his
mouth. One piece is stuck between his buckteeth.


Jared:  Ha ha ha!


Alex:  (spits out grass) Putooey!!


Jared:  (Laughing) Why didn’t your momma call you Alex weed-eater


Alex:  starts crying and hiccupping and continues
throughout the

show, but
slows down and is normal by the end.


Ashli and Evette walk up.


Hi Ashli! Hi Evette! (innocently)


Evette:  Hey! Why is Alex crying?


Alex:  He…(hiccup) called…(hiccup)



Ashli:  Why did you call him that Jared?


Jared:  Cause he’s just a clumsy little weed-eating


Evette:  Jared, that isn’t nice.


Ashli:  Yeah, it isn’t nice to judge people by how
they look or act.


Evette:  James 2 says that we should treat everyone
the same whether

rich or poor; graceful or clumsy; cool or uncool.


Ashli:  And God chose the poor, clumsy and uncool people
to live in

his kingdom
because they love God.


Evette:  The people who
are rich, graceful or cool think they’re better

than everyone else…


Ashli:  …but God said to
love your neighbor as yourself.


Jared:  I never thought of
it that way before. God does love everyone

the way they


Ashli:  God created
everyone and that’s why everyone is cool to him.


Jared: I feel bad…what should I do?


Ashli:  Apologize to Alex.


Evette: …and to God.


Jared:  Alex, I’m really
sorry I called you weed-eater. I’ll never judge



Alex:  That’s ok. I
forgive you. Do you want to play baseball again?


Jared:  Sure, but just a
minute…I need to apologize to God first.


Puppets exit.

Impactos: 2

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