5 Next-Level KidMin Production Ideas

5 Next-Level KidMin Production Ideas

by Dan Scott



5 Next-Level KidMin Production Ideas
Dan Scott passes along some great ideas to take your large-group stage management to the next level.


I spent this past week with the amazing team at Camp Kid Jam. They pull off an incredible production year after year. I’m blessed to play a role on that team. Last year I came home with so many great ideas to put into practice in our own large group and FX productions. This year, since I don’t have a kidmin of my very own, I figured I’d pass along to you some of the ideas I captured.

1. Backstage Communication:

The people in the sound-booth need to communicate with the people backstage. With so many things that could go wrong or take longer than expected (not saying that ever happens, right?!) last minute changes can happen easily when everyone can communicate with each other.

2. Have Singers Sing and Dancers Dance

I know. That statement sounds weird. Hear me out: Having a group of people to take care of the dance moves and motions for the songs will free your singers to concentrate on leading the kids in worship without the burden of trying to get the words and motions down. It works. I promise.

3. Test all of your videos before the show starts.

Don’t just start a video and assume it will work. Take the necessary time to fire all the videos and allow them to play through. Just because a video starts well doesn’t mean that it will end well. We cut a few live lyric videos before the production began because they didn’t work about two minutes into the videos. We would’ve felt dumb they’d cut out while the kids were worshipping.

4. Be over-organized with everything.

Being organized is good, but in a production being over-organized is the way to go.

Have props organized according to when they appear in the show.

Have mics laid out on a table that has boxes taped out with each person’s name labeled in the box.

Have production/set lists in multiple places so everyone can see them whenever they need to check them.

5. Pre-show production meetings:

Having one final time when you run through the order of events and pray over each of them is important. Verbally running through the set list reminds everyone about when they’re to be on stage. More importantly, prayer focuses everyone’s attention on what’s really important: kids and families connecting with Jesus.

How does this list hit you? Anything that you’ve discovered in your own productions that you’d add to the list? Share your thoughts below!

Dan Scott                                                                                                            Dan Scott serves as the elementary director at Ada Bible Church, which is outside of Grand Rapids, MI. He establishes the vision for programming including curriculum, volunteer care, and environment. Dan enjoys sharing ideas and encouragement from his life and ministry. He has a busy speaking and writing schedule and was recently named one of Children’s Ministry Magazines’ 20 leaders to watch. Dan and his wife Jenna have four kids: Liam, Ellison, Addison, and Taye.  visit Dan at danscottblog.com

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