The Big Great Grab Bag: A Super Bible School Activity for Elementary Kids

The Big Great Grab Bag:  A Super Bible School Activity for Elementary Kids

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I love object lessons and using props to get my kids thinking about the Bible.  It’s great how everyday things can spark our memory of a Bible story or certain Scripture.  Here is a fun Bible school activity I think your kids will really enjoy.  I call it “The Big Great Grab Bag” or “BGGB” for short.

Here’s what you do:

Below, I have given you a list of items that you can find easily around your house and many of the items at your local “Dollar” store.  Three-dimensional objects will be the best, but if you are having a hard time locating, say a plastic toy horse, you could include a picture of that item.  You will also need a very big and gaudy bag.  I found mine at a garage sale.  It’s big and gold and fun.  If you are a man, you might want to bring in a big suitcase for a more masculine approach.  Whatever you choose, just make it fun.  You will also need to make up cards that have the Bible references written on one side of the card and the full Scripture written out on the other side of the card, listed below.  Make sure the kids cannot see the writing through the other side.  You will want to display these cards Bible reference side out on a pocket chart or table so that they can be easily seen.  You are now ready to play the game.

Divide your class into 2 teams.  Explain that in your big, great grab bag, you have several objects that match one of the Scriptures displayed on the board (or table).  Each team will have the chance to send someone to the bag and reach in to pick out an object that the OTHER team must try and make a guess as to which Scripture card matches the object picked.  A child from a team may pick one of the cards and read the verse.  If it is a match, that team earns 100 points.  If it is not a match, that card gets turned back over and play continues with the next team.  Eventually, the kids will start remembering where each of the verses are that match with their object.

Tips for Success:

After an object has been matched, it is discarded to the side.  If a match was not made, the object goes back into the bag.

To make it more difficult, you might want to add some verses to your display that do not match any object in your bag.  This makes it a little more fair once the game gets to the end and there are extra options to match the last couple of objects.

Remember, it’s always the other team that picks the object for the opposing team.

Have fun with this super duper Bible school activity!

List of Objects:

A snake – Proverbs 23:31-32

An angel – Genesis 16:7

A piece of bread – John 6:26-51

A camel – Genesis 24:1-16

A horse –Exodus 15:1

A dog – Luke 16:19-21

A fish – John 21:4-6

A spider – Isaiah 59:5

A rock – Exodus 33:21-23

Money – I Timothy 5:17-18

Perfume – John 12:1-11

A towel – John 13:3-5

A heart – I Corinthians 13

A small baby doll – Luke 2:5-7

A small Bible – Hebrews 4:12

A small gift – Ecclesiastes 5:19

A small globe – John 3:16

Garlic – Numbers 11:5

Salt – Genesis 19:26

A crown – I Peter 5:4

Honey – Matthew 3:4

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