The Anointing Doesn’t Make Up for Lack of Preparation

The Anointing Doesn’t Make Up for Lack of Preparation

I heard the statement a number of years ago “The anointing doesn’t make up for a lack of preparation”. Yikes….why are there so many ministries, leaders, pastors and even children’s ministries that are flying by the seat of their pants? I mean don’t they know that learning a new song in the car on the way to church on Sunday morning is not going to be very effective. I’ve seen the data of children’s ministry resources that are bought on Saturday and even Sunday mornings. Why do some people feel that if they plan ahead and actually schedule things, have all necessary props and resources that they aren’t being led by the Spirit for what their group needs that day? Honestly, I think that’s foolish. Planning at the last second and then trying to cover it in a prayer hoping that it will plug all the holes In our sinking boat is just so backwards with the way I believe God would want us to lead and minister.

I’ve walked on stage knowing I didn’t know a song well enough. It’s flat out scary and way too nerve wrecking…honestly it usually ends in an on stage train wreck. I’m way more effective at what I do when it’s planned. I’ve studied, rehearsed, planned what I’m going to say, etc., etc.. etc. I like to say it like this “There’s freedom in preparation”.  A couple years ago I was at a conference and a girl came up to me and said If you could only tell me one thing about leading worship what would it be? I thought for about three seconds and responded with “Be prepared”. If you asked me the same question today I would tell you to “be prepared.”

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