Puppet Construction Class

We are excited…
One Way Street is offering a
People Puppet Pattern construction workshop
at the Los Angeles Area Puppet Festival!

One Way Street will offer a People Puppet Construction workshop on Friday before the Los Angeles Area Puppetry Festival begins. The hours will be 8:00 am – 4:30 pm on Friday November 18th. Carrie Murphy will be the instructor. Carrie is a former One Way Street Construction Zone employee and is very talented at making puppets and costumes. She and her husband Michael have written, directed and made the puppets and costumes for the I-Fest Dream Team production three times. Carrie will teach you how to effectively use the One Way Street People Puppet Pattern and will also offer tips on ways to adapt and make your own special creation using different fabrics, hair options, features etc.

The class size will be limited to the first 12 who register.

Would you or someone you know:

  • like to support your puppet team by making some special puppets
  • make puppets to take on a mission trip and leave with the nationals
  • encourage an inner city ministry by making puppets for them
  • learn a new craft
  • have a production coming up that requires extra puppets
  • has helpers but is on a budget?
  • like to make Christmas presents for their grandkids

If you are seriously interested in making a puppet please email events by Wedensday August 31st. The workshop will be held at the festival site, Crossroads Christian Church. The cost will be $60 for a puppet valued at $150 (Additional kits will be available for $40).

Sewing and crafting skills are essential. There will not be time to teach basic sewing skills and you will also need to bring a sewing machine you are familiar with.

You won’t want to miss this fun and creative session!

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