Mine, Mine, Mine

Mine, Mine, Mine


Scene 1


Oogene:         Hey CT! Ready to go to the arcade?


CT:                  Well,
I’ve got to ask you about that. I know we were suppose to go to go to the
arcade today, but I thought maybe we could do something else.


Oogene:         Like what?


CT:                  Go
over to Mrs. Carlson’s house.


Oogene:         Why? She’s an old woman.


CT:                  That’s
one reason why I’m going.


Oogene:         Sometimes you don’t make much sense CT.


CT:                  Well,
she lives in that old house. And you’ve seen her fence.


Oogene:         Yeah, that thing is disgusting. The city should make her
tear it down.


CT:                  I
looked at it yesterday. There’s nothing wrong that a little paint won’t cure.


Oogene:         Well, she should do something about it. It’s a disgrace to
the neighborhood.


CT:                  I
think we should go over and paint it today.


Oogene:         Hey! That’s a good idea. How long would that take?


CT:                  Well,
it could take most of the day and maybe even longer.


Oogene:         Let’s see now. All of today…say, eight hours


CT:                  At


Oogene:         At five dollars an hour, that would be forty dollars. And
that’s still pretty cheap. Because we’d be supplying materials as well as
labor, and we want to make a decent profit, so let’s say sixty dollars.


CT:                  What
do you mean?


Oogene:         Money, the thing that makes the world go around.

CT:                  You
don’t understand. Mrs. Carlson hasn’t painted her fence herself because of her
arthritis. And she hasn’t hired anyone because she can’t afford it. I thought
we’d go over and paint it for free.


Oogene:         You’ve been out in the sun too long without a hat. You’ve
lost your marbles.


CT:                  No
I haven’t they’re on top of my dresser.


Oogene:         You don’t understand. Doing things for free is just


CT:                  But
as Christians aren’t we suppose to give to each other.


Oogene:         You’ve lost it CT. I can’t go with you on this one.


CT:                  That’s
ok, I’ll just do it myself.


Oogene:         See ya later CT! Have fun being a fool.


Scene 2


Jeanie:           Hi Oogene! I thought you were supposed to go play video
games with CT.


Oogene:         I was, until he got the crazy idea to go do work for Mrs.
Carlson for FREE.


Jeanie:           Mrs. Carlson is such a nice old lady.


Oogene:         What is it with everybody and being nice.


Jeanie:           Don’t you remember?


Oogene:         Remember what?


Jeanie:           A few years ago when Mom was in the hospital.


Oogene:         Yeah, kinda. She was in there for a few days.


Jeanie:           So who looked after us while Mom was recovering?


Oogene:         Dad did. He went to work and then came home.


Jeanie:           And who do you think, made lunch for us, and cleaned the


Oogene:         I don’t know I guess Dad did.

Jeanie:           But he was at work.


Oogene:         I don’t know, maybe it just appeared out of nowhere. Who


Jeanie:           I’ll tell you who did it; Mrs. Carlson and some of the
other older ladies in the church.


Oogene:         So they made a few extra bucks helping us out. What’s the
big deal?


Jeanie:           They didn’t make a few bucks. They did it out of love. For


Oogene:         That’s ancient history.


Jeanie:           No it isn’t. It’s everyday life. People need other people.
It’s called giving.


Oogene:         Giving is when you put money in the offering plate.


Jeanie:           That’s part of giving, but even when you have no money you
can give, like CT, of your time and talents.


Oogene:         Why should I give anything to anybody? I work hard to make
what I do?


Jeanie:           Why are you able to work hard?


Oogene:         Because I’m healthy I guess.


Jeanie:           and who made you healthy?


Oogene:         I just am.


Jeanie:           Wrong. God did. And he’s given it to you so you can use it
to help others.


Oogene:         Why should we?


Jeanie:           The Bible says we are storing up treasure in heaven.


Oogene:         Well, I don’t know….


Jeanie:           I think I might just go help CT paint myself…


Oogene:         Well, let me change my clothes and I might join you… But I’m
not saying you’re right.

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