broomsJesus was a Master Storyteller. I love how He often chose everyday objects to share about His kingdom, life and Himself. Sheep, pearls and even a broom were used as props within His stories.

But can we still learn about God from these simple objects? You bet your broom bristles we can!

Here are 5 lessons you can share with your kids about the common broom that will teach them a little bit more about God.

1. A broom is made up of many parts. It would be silly to try and sweep a room up with just one bristle. But because a broom is made up of many bristles, it becomes an effective tool for sweeping up dirt. Lesson Learned: There are many different kinds of people in this world. One person cannot get rid of all the “dirt” or injustice in the world. But if we all work together and cooperate, we can impact the world for Jesus more than if we do it all by ourselves.
2. A broom comes from God. The bristles are made from a kind of straw, the handle is made of wood and the wire that holds all the bristles together comes from iron. Lesson Learned: All men were created by God and all the many different things we use, come from God as well.
3. A broom has a handle that must be strong and dependable. All the bristles are attached and tied to it. Lesson Learned: The handle of a broom should remind us of our leaders. They must be strong to lead us and be good examples of how we must all work together to achieve good things for the Lord.
4. A broom can’t sweep by itself. Someone more powerful than the broom must pick it up and use it. Lesson Learned: The Bible says that man can do nothing good on his own. They must rely on God who is all-powerful and all knowing and who will guide us into all truth.
5. A broom has a wire or piece of cord that binds all the bristles together. Lesson Learned:God binds all of His children together with love. The Bible says that people will know we are Christians by our love.


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