La-La Notes: A Fun Game to Review Sunday School Songs

La-La Notes:  A Fun Game to Review Sunday School Songs

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Isn’t it amazing how many songs we remember throughout our life?  And if you grew up going to Sunday School, you probably have a whole library of music rattling around in your brain.  “Jesus Loves Me”, “I’ve Got a River of Life” and “Amazing Grace” are just a few of the many hundreds of Sunday School tunes in a Christian child’s heart and mind.

Well, why not have some fun with all these “oldies but goodies” by playing a fun game I call “La-La Notes”?  My kids really enjoy this game, especially when I play it during Christmas with Christmas carols.

Here’s what you need to do:  Make a large die from a box cube.  I went to my local box store and bought one that measures about 8 in. x 8in.  Now add the traditional numbers that belong on a die, one through six.  I actually made my numbers on my computer.  They turned out nice and colorful and then I laminated them before placing them on my cube.

Now gather a list of songs you want to “quiz” your kids on.  The game will be fun only if you can come up with a list that at least most of your children know.  Think about the Bible songs you sing during worship time or even during VBS.  As mentioned above, I think up Christmas songs and play this game during Christmas.

Once you have your list that only you can see or know of, you are now ready to play “La-La Notes”.

Ask a child to come forward and allow him to roll the die 2 times.  You will add the two numbers together to give the total amount of La-La notes you will “la-la” to for one of the songs on your list.  No words are allowed.  For example, let’s say the child rolled a 2 and a 4.  He must now try and guess the tune of the song you will sing only using a total of 6 “la-la’s”.  If he is successful, he can earn points for his team or simply just be told, “Well done!”

That’s all there is to it!  So, happy la-la-ling!

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