How to Memorize Bible Verses Using Brain Based Learning

How to Memorize Bible Verses Using Brain Based Learning

brain based learning

brain based learning
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If you have tried all the traditional ways of memorizing verses but you find that you still have a difficult time memorizing, then try memorizing bible verses using a brain based learning technique.

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    The first thing you need to do is to choose a verse you would like to memorize. The best way to do this is to pick a verse according to topic. If you struggle with having patience then find a verse that speaks about patience. If you struggle with anxiety then choose a verse that deals with fear. You can search for verses on BibleGateway if you are having a hard time choosing a verse.

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    Next, to memorize bible verses using brain based learning, understand a few principles of brain based learning. Brain based learning uses current research in neuroscience on how our brain learns naturally. A few principles to brain based learning are emotions are critical to patterning, the brain is social and develops better in concert with other brains, and learning engages the whole body. Another principle of brain based learning is that we tend to remember and learn better when we are able to attach information to a story and there is emotion involved. When you think about many of the lessons that Jesus taught, he used parables, or stories to make a point. We remember the point better when we have a story to remember. When you think about helping others you may remember the story about the good Samaritan, or when you think about forgiveness the parable of the unforgiving servant comes to mind.

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    To memorize bible verses using brain based learning, take the verse you want to memorize and read the context surrounding the verse. What is the story behind the verse? What is the author trying to convey in the context of the chapter? What are the emotions that must be involved with this verse? Ask and answer these questions before you start memorizing. Another great way to do this is to listen to the bible chapter which contains the verse in audio form. The NIV dramatized audio bible conveys the emotion and drama of the biblical stories.

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    After you have attached the bible verse to the biblical context/story, then repeat your verse out loud, while remembering the context. This helps you so that you aren’t just memorizing words, but you are reciting part of a real story. Practice the verse with others who will help you and give feedback.

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    Last, to memorize bible verses using brain based learning means that you engage all the senses to help you memorize. Use your ears by listening to the verse out loud. Use your eyes by visually looking at the format of the verse. Visualize and picture what was going on when the author wrote the verse. Use your hands to write down the verse. Make associations. If a phrase in the verse talks about trusting God, picture yourself trusting God. Use a graphic organizer to help you sort and make patterns of each phrase in the verse. You can find graphic organizers at


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