Fill ‘er Up: A Fun Bible Review Activity for Your Elementary Kids

Fill ‘er Up:  A Fun Bible Review Activity for Your Elementary Kids

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Gas-PumpI love coming up with different ways to do Bible review.  I call this way of quizzing “Fill ‘er Up”.

For this type of Bible review, I suggest you get 2 plastic baskets from your local “dollar” store about the size of a cake pan.  Make sure the bottom is clear since the child will be writing in this area.  You will also need some Dry Erase markers, one for each child, and some paper towels or rags with which to wipe their baskets clean.

Next, pick out the passage of Scripture you want your kids to learn.  For example, you might pick Daniel Chapter 6.  Now separate your kids into 2 teams.  Have one child come up from each team and hold their basket and a marker.  Start by reading one or two verses of the passage.  Then come up with a sentence that they have to fill in a blank for.  For example, after reading Daniel 6:1-2, you could say, “One of the administrators Darius appointed was named __________.  (Daniel)

Depending upon what level of difficulty you’d like for your children, you need to decide whether or not you want to provide some possible answers displayed on a board somewhere.  If I wanted my quiz to be a little more on the easy side, I would provide the children with the possible answers of Daniel, Jesus, Moses and the Tooth Fairy (just to make things a little fun).  This way the children can look at the possible answers and write down in their baskets the choice they think is correct.  This also helps with eliminating any embarrassment for spelling difficulties.  A harder version would be of course to not give them any possible answers.

Finally, the first child to get it right get 50 points for their team.  Play until you have covered the entire passage.

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