Unpin the Hearts: A Super Bible School Activity for Preschoolers

Unpin the Hearts:  A Super Bible School Activity for Preschoolers

Posted by Kathy Vincent

Did you know that there are a lot of Bible verses that are just begging to have motions put to them?  Preschoolers are wired to wiggle, so why not give them some simple moves to help them memorize their Bible verses?  Psalm 119:28,32 is a perfect example of this. It says: “Strengthen me according to Your Word.  I run in the path of your commands for you have set my heart free.”

Here are the moves I came up with:

Strengthen me  (Have children raise up arms like they’re showing their muscles.)

According to Your Word.  (Have children put their hands together then open them up like a book.)

I run in the path of your commands   (Have the children run in place.)

For You  (Have children point up to God.)

Have set my heart free.  (Have children place both hands over their heart then push their hands upward as if their heart is being set free.)

Go over these moves several times.  After they have learned these moves you can have them play a fun activity called  “Unpin the Hearts.”

Here’s what you do:

For this activity you will need to make 5 to 10 pairs of identical paper hearts.  Let each set be a different color of paper.  Laminate these for long-term use.  Pin one set of the hearts onto a clothesline.  Place the matching set in a bag or bucket from which the children will pick.  Have the children perform the moves to this Bible verse.  After doing the moves, have one child come forward and pick a heart from the bag or bucket of hearts.  He will take the heart to the clothesline and find the matching heart.  He will unpin this heart off of the clothesline to “set it free.”  Play this Bible school activity over several times until all the hearts have been unpinned and set free.

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