Soggy Bread? A Fun Scripture Activity For Your Elementary Kids

Soggy Bread? A Fun Scripture Activity For Your Elementary Kids

Have you ever noticed there are some strange verses in the Bible?  For example, what’s up with Ecclesiastes 11:7 – “Cast your bread upon the waters”?  Wouldn’t it get soggy?

Well, I did a little research in my Matthew Henry commentary (FYI, probably my favorite commentary) and found out this is talking about how we need to give generously of the time, talents and money God has given us.  It very much follows the “what you sow is what you reap” principle.  Well our kids may not have a lot of bread, dough or cash at this point in their lives, but they are beginning to realize that they have talents and time that they can offer for God’s service.

To help plant this verse in your kids’ minds you will need a plastic wading pool filled with water, a gallon bucket filled with water, about 5 mini Frisbees per child (found at Party stores), permanent markers and an outdoor area you can get wet.

Take a little time to talk to your kids about Ecc. 11:7 and then have them tell you some of their talents and how they could possibly use them for the Lord.  Now give each child their 5 Frisbees – one for each talent they came up with.  Have them put their initials on one side and a one to two word description of their talent on the other side.

You are now ready to take the kids outside where they will line up about one to two yards away from the pool.  Each kid will have the chance to “cast” each of his or her Frisbees into the pool.  But before they begin “casting” have them shout out Ecc. 11:7 first.  The child who ends up with the most Frisbees in the water gets the honor of having a bucket of “blessings” (water) poured on their head.  Repeat the whole process to your kids’ hearts content.

By Kathy Vincent


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