See How They Grow: A Fun Sunday School or Home School Activity

See How They Grow:  A Fun Sunday School or Home School Activity

  • by katvincent

Ruler“She’s growing like a weed!”  “He’s going to be taller than his dad!”  Have you ever heard or said phrases like these about your kids?  I know I have.  Growth is fascinating.  As parents or teachers it is easy to be amazed by our children’s development over time.  I think God is amazed by our growth as well.  He must love it when He sees us mature in our faith in Him day in and day out.

Here is a fun activity that will chart your children’s growth in God whether in your classroom or home.  Pick a space on a wall about 2 feet wide by 6 feet tall.  Using construction paper or a piece of butcher paper, the 2’ x 6’ size, create a growth chart that shows labels such as love, patience, manners, giving, obedience, the Bible, prayer, and being responsible.  I created my chart to look like a big tree and I attached the different labels to the trunk.  I added a bird in a nest at the very top and some squirrels on the ground.  You can get as artistic or creative as you’d like.

For your non-readers, you might want to have a picture “showing” manners or responsibility, so that they can better understand their area of growth.

The next part of this activity requires that you take pictures of all your children or students.  Throughout the week, if at home, or perhaps the Sunday school hour, if you’re a teacher, look for ways the children are displaying the different ways we can grow in God.  For example, did Mikala remember to say “Thank you” when you gave her the snack?  Then make sure you put Mikala’s picture on or next to the label “manners”.  Did your son remember to put his dirty laundry away without being asked?  Then put his picture next to the label “being responsible”.  As your children see more of their pictures placed on the chart, they will begin to understand that those are areas they are growing in.

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