Measuring Spoon Puppets – A Fun Scripture Activity For Your Preschoolers

Measuring Spoon Puppets – A Fun Scripture Activity For Your Preschoolers

I love puppets!  But I’ve never had the time to become very talented at using them.  So, it’s a good thing preschoolers are very forgiving.  They don’t care if your lips move.  They just want to have fun.  Measuring spoon puppets are perfect first time puppets.

Go to your local “dollar” store and get enoughmeasuring spoons for every child in your group.  Most measuring spoons come in groups of 5, so you won’t have to spend too much money for this activity.  Next, make them look like Bible characters.  Add eyes, nose, mouth, yarn or felt for hair with the cute little headband across the forehead for the boy spoons and a little hair scarf for the girl spoons.  Finally cut out some clothes, paper doll style, to glue on their fronts.  Try to make them as durable as possible so you can reuse them several times.

Another idea for creating your spoons into people is to go online and find pictures of Bible characters that you can print off onto cardstock and then laminate before gluing them onto the spoon.  By the way, this same idea works really well with wooden spoons also.  You can usually find these at your local “dollar” store as well.

Now it’s Bible story time.  Assign “parts” to each of the spoons.  If your story only has 3 main characters and you have 8 kids, let the other 5 be part of the townspeople.  As you read the story, encourage the children to raise their puppets up high when their Bible character shows up on the scene.

Another fun idea for your puppets is to create a family member out of each spoon.  The tablespoon can be Daddy, the teaspoon is Mommy, the 1/2 teaspoon is brother, the 1/4 teaspoon can be sister and the 1/8 teaspoon can be baby.

Once you have your family created, sing this sweet “piggy back” song to the tune of “Buffalo Gals”.  It goes like this:

When Jesus lives in Mommy’s heart, Mommy’s heart, Mommy’s heart

When Jesus lives in Mommy’s heart – Happy is the home!

Sing the song again replacing each family member’s name into the song.  And you thought measuring spoons were just for cooking!


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