Making Your Church Tech More Effective

Making Your Church Tech More Effective

TalkWhen we talk about keys to doing church tech better, we often discuss the need for prayer, reliance on the leading of the Holy Spirit, or more training for tech volunteers – all of which are legitimate keys.  But there is one key to effectiveness that, in my experience, is consistently overlooked: coordination.

We may, for instance, have a lighting plan for Sunday that looks amazing when considered by itself.  We may have also chosen the video backgrounds for our worship set that we think are most appropriate.  What’s missing?  The synergy we get when we coordinate those two elements.

In another instance, our senior pastor may have been preparing a great message for Sunday, while our soloist has been working on getting an awesome song ready.  The thing is, the song and the message have nothing to do with each other – and that is not wrong.  It is just that it could be so much more effective with some advance coordination.

If your church has a technical director, he will most likely be the one charged with coordinating the technical side with the plans of the teaching pastor and worship leader.  If you do not have a technical director, consider experimenting with a weekly planning meeting that includes the senior or teaching pastor, the worship leader, the video director, the lighting director, and the head sound engineer.  At that meeting, you may wish to discuss coordinating these service elements (not an exhaustive list):

  • sermon>>supporting video and visual notes
  • sermon>>set (on platform) elements or objects
  • sermon>>special music
  • worship songs>>video backgrounds
  • worship songs>>lighting
  • video backgrounds>>lighting
  • countdown/pre-service video>>sermon
  • special music>>video projection
  • special music>>lighting
  • lighting>>set (on platform) elements or objects

In short, we are simply more effective when we unite our individual areas into a coordinated effort, instead of seeing each area as a stand-alone entity.  If you have not made much of an attempt to coordinate previously, try it.  Be intentional about it, and be disciplined.  I think you will see some immediate and positive results.


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