Just the Facts: A Fun Bible Activity On the New Testament

Just the Facts: A Fun Bible Activity On the New Testament

Posted by Kathy Vincent 

NT-FactsDid you know that there are 260 chapters in the entire New Testament? Or did you know that the Old Testament contains a total of 181,253 words (depending on the translation of course)? And did you know that the book of Acts is the longest book in the New Testament and that Third John is the shortest?

Well, if you didn’t know these facts about the second testament of God’s word, don’t worry! Just play “Just the Facts!” and you will soon be on your way to possessing a greater mind indeed.

Here’s what you do: This game is best played with a pocket chart, but you could also lay the cards you will create out on a table. (Don’t know what a pocket chart is? Google the term and you’ll find out.) You will need to make a total of 21 cards. These can be index cards or made nicely on your computer. Three of the cards will say “New Testament”. Nine of the cards will say the following numbers or words:

1. 27
2. 260
3. 7959
4. 181,253
5. Acts
6. Third John
7. 4
8. 1
9. 22

The 9 remaining cards will say the following:

1. Books
2. Chapters
3. Verses
4. Words
5. Longest Book
6. Shortest Book
7. Gospels
8. Historical Books
9. Letters or Epistles

Place the 3 “New Testament” cards along with the first set of 9 cards face down on your pocket chart or on a table in jumbled order. Then place the other set of 9 cards face out so that the whole class can easily see them. The numbers shown above in each list correspond with each other. For example, there are 27 books in the New Testament as matched above.

Now divide your class into 2 teams. Have one team member go first. Explain that the cards on the pocket chart give facts about the New Testament. The child will need to match the card he picks with one of the cards that are displayed face out. If he makes a correct match, those 2 cards can now be set aside. If an incorrect match is made, the pocket chart card should be returned to its original place. However, if the child picks an “New Testament” card, their team holds that card. No match needs to be made and the play goes to the next team. The team that finds 2 “New Testament” cards first is the winner.

As a suggestion, if a team finds the “New Testament” cards early on in the game, you might want to continue the game by allowing each team to try and make matches. For each match that is made, award 100 points. The team with the most points wins.

Anyone up for facts about the Old Testament?

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