Crazy Stand Ups: A Fun Bible Memory Verse Activity

Crazy Stand Ups:  A Fun Bible Memory Verse Activity

Posted by Kathy Vincent

Girl-StandingMemorizing Bible verses can be difficult unless…you know how to stand on your own two feet!  Here is a very simple Bible memory verse activity that will get your kids excited about Scripture memorization.  It’s called “Crazy Stand Ups”.  Just follow the directions and have fun!

Here’s what you do:  “Crazy Stand Ups” will work for any Bible verse and for any age group of kids.  After studying and going over your memory verse of choice, tell your kids to sit down.  Explain to them that you are going to give them different descriptions that might fit their lives.  If they find that the description fits, they must then stand up and recite the Bible verse.  You may have only one child that fits the description or you may have the whole class standing.  For example, you might say, “Stand up and say the Bible verse if you had cereal for breakfast this morning.”  Obviously, everyone who had cereal would stand up and say the verse in unison.  Have a list of “Crazy Stand Ups” ready and play the activity until you are convinced that everyone knows the memory verse.

Here is a list to get you started:
1. Stand up if you are a girl/boy.
2. Stand up if you do not share your bedroom.
3. Stand up if you are wearing sandals/boots/tennis shoes.
4. Stand up if you had pancakes/cereal/eggs/waffles/bagels for breakfast.
5. Stand up if you ride a bike/skateboard/roller blades.
6. Stand up if you have any sisters/brothers.
7. Stand up if you are the oldest/youngest child in your family.
8. Stand up if you hate spinach/zucchini/brussel sprouts/beans…
9. Stand up if you are wearing red/yellow/blue/pink…
10. Stand up if you own a dog/cat/lizard…
11. Stand up if your birthday is in May/July/December…
12. Stand up if you can fold your tongue in half.
13. Stand up if your eyes are brown/blue…
14. Stand up if you took a vacation last summer.
15. Stand up if you love God.

You get the idea.  Can you think of others?

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