Connection Idea: Prayer Valentines

Connection Idea: Prayer Valentines

by Children’s Ministry Magazine
Connection Idea: Prayer Valentines
A sweet, prayerful idea for connecting your adult ministries with your children’s ministry this Valentine’s Day


Encourage your church to give the children in your ministry a Prayer Valentine. Around the first of February, write each child’s name and age on a red cutout heart. On the back, write Ephesians 4:14-19—the Scripture reference only, not the words.

Punch a hole in the top of each heart and pull white yarn through the hole. Tie the yarn and hang these hearts from the ceiling in your church foyer. Post a sign in the foyer and place an announcement in your church bulletin (for several weeks), explaining that church members can take one or more hearts and pray the Scripture for children until Easter.

If any hearts aren’t taken by Valentine’s Day, give them to your staff to pray for those children


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