Children’s Ministry – Team Structure, Planning & Evaluation

Children’s Ministry – Team Structure, Planning & Evaluation

by Keith Tusing

What does your team look like? What are the roles on your team? Do your team members know their specific responsibilities? Does your team know it when they score? Do you celebrate the wins?

I coach 9, 10 & 11 year old boys on a tackle football team. Go TEAM! I love working with these boys. One of the great things about football is that it takes every player on the field knowing and doing their job on every play to be successful. It’s the ultimate team experience. Too often boys and their parents think it’s all about the quarterback, running back and receiver positions. They think the “glamour positions” are what counts. People involved in Children’s Ministry can fall into the same mentality.

You know what I mean. The Large Group communicator is one of the “glamour positions along with the Large Group worship leader. We forget about the guy at the sound board until something goes wrong – it’s like being an offensive lineman – nobody knows your name until you miss a block and the QB goes down.

At the very first Parent Meeting with our football team I begin communicating the idea that our team cannot be successful unless every boy takes pride in his position and knows his responsibility on every play. We will do the same thing with our first Leaders Meeting of the fall with our CM team. Every team member needs to know their position, know their responsibilities and know what a win looks like. It’s funny to me how after the game concludes one of my little guys will come up to me and ask “Coach did we win?” Occasionally I catch myself thinking “Dude, weren’t you’re here?” Sometimes I think our CM leaders could have the same question they’re just afraid to ask.

So, have you clarified the “WIN” for your team members? Here’s an example for the Tech Guy (Offensive Lineman J):

*Arrives on time making sure the audio and video equipment are set up and ready to go by the designated starting time for the rehearsal.

*Executes a flawless service flow.

*Knows how to troubleshoot technical problems quickly and calmly.

*Works well with all team members involved with the our Large Group kid’s worship service.

At the end of the service this guy/girl knows if they won, they don’t have to ask.

The next step is the celebration of the WIN. One of the best moments of a close game is that final drive when the offense scores to win a game or the defense prevents the opponent from scoring preserving the win. My little guys have experienced both and the celebration is electric. Do your leaders ever have that same feeling? Do you celebrate with encouraging words and high-fives? Try it!

Take some time to write out the Positions you have on your team. Describe in detail the qualifications, the time commitment, the expectations and the WIN. Creatively plan some celebrations for both individuals and the entire team. Now take the field and move the ball!

What are the things you do to clarify the WIN? How do you celebrates WINS?

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Keith Tusing is a Family Ministries Pastor with 20+ years of experience serving churches in Texas and Arizona. His passion is to see Children’s and Family Ministries that encourage leaders to partner with parents in developing the next generation. He has been married to his amazing wife, Julie, for 30 years and is the father of six incredible kids.
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