Candy in the Bible?: A Super Bible School Activity for Elementary Kids

Candy in the Bible?: A Super Bible School Activity for Elementary Kids

Posted by Kathy Vincent 

Did you know that M&M’s are in the Bible? Or how about the candy bar Snickers? OK. OK. Maybe these yummy treats aren’t actually in God’s sweet Word, but your kids will enjoy this fun Bible school activity designed to get them salivating over some important people and stories of the Bible. This game is especially perfect to play around October 31st. I call it “Candy in the Bible.”

Here’s what you do:

I went on to Google and went to their images and then looked up pictures for each of the following candies: 100 Grand Bar, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Crunch Bar, Extra Gum, Hot Tamales, Kit Kat Bar, Lifesavers, M&M’s, Nerds, Smarties, Snickers, Sour Punch, Starburst and a Twix Bar. Print a nice picture of each of these onto 8.5”x11” paper. Laminate them because you will want to pull this out of your file each year. Your kids will love it. You are now ready to do the activity.

In your best stand-up comedian attitude and voice, tell your kids the following:

Hey, Guys! Did you know that M&M’s are in the Bible? (Show the picture.) Of coarse they are! It’s Mary and Martha! (Give a big exaggerated laugh. The kids will start to join in.)

Who is Baby Ruth? (Show picture and wait for response.) It’s Boaz’ wife when she was just a wee little thing. (Laugh.)

Wanna know why I carry around some Extra Gum? (Show picture.) So I’ll be reminded to take “extra” special care when saying the name of Jesus. (Laugh.)

Who had the worst “Butterfingers” in the Bible? (Show picture.) Adam and Eve! They let Paradise slip right through their hands! (Laugh.)

Who was caught “Snickering” in the Bible? (Show picture.) Sarah, of course, when she heard that God would give her a baby in her old age. (Laugh.)

Were there any “Kit Kat’s” in the Bible? (Show picture.) Just ask Daniel. He had to spend a night with several of them! (Laugh.)

Who were the three “Hot Tamales” in the Bible? (Show picture.) Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego! They might have been hot in that furnace, but they didn’t get burned! (Laugh.)

When was the “Crunching” sound heard in the Bible? (Show picture.) Every time John the Baptist bit down on a locust! (Laugh.)

Who thought they were a bunch of “Smarties”? (Show picture.) The Pharisees! They thought they were a bunch of know-it-alls! (Laugh.)

I bet you don’t know who the “Twix” were in the Bible? (Show picture.) Remember? Isaac had a couple of them – Jacob and Esau! I know, I know. That’s pushing it a little bit. (Laugh.)

Who knows when there was a huge “Starburst” in the Bible? (Show picture.) It happened when Jesus was born! The wise men followed it to His manger. (Laugh.)

Who took a “Sour Punch” in the Bible? (Show picture.) Goliath! Right between the eyes! (Laugh.)

On a more serious note, how can a “100 Grand Bar” remind us of what Jesus did for each of us? (Show picture.) He paid the price for our sins.

And who is the greatest “Lifesaver” of them all? (Show picture.) Jesus!

Ok. Here’s the final one. Who are the “Nerds” in this world? (Show picture.) Anyone who doesn’t believe in Jesus! Let’s pray for them right now.

Close your time in prayer. Maybe end this Bible school activity by handing out some candy. Enjoy!

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