Being an Abnormal Kidmin is Ok.

Being an Abnormal Kidmin is Ok.

by Sam Luce

Another list I found enlightening and somewhat professionally satisfying to know that as a children’s pastor I don’t have to fit the mold most people have in their minds of what a children’s pastor should or shouldn’t be.
The list is found in this blog post “an abnormal children’s pastor”. Over at Jonathan has a great blog he has great insight and speaks in a very candid why that I as a new yorker find very refreshing. Go check out his blog good stuff.

I am not sure what his inspiration for this post came from but it reminded me a very funny commercial about a guy explaining why he was proud to be a canadian.

So here’s me. My attempt to explain away my abnormalities.

I am a children’s pastor – never wanted to be one, would never want to NOT be one. I always wanted to be a youth pastor growing up, now would not be anything else. It is a dream come true. to work with kids and families. I LOVE IT.

I am a man – this may seem obvious but there are not tons of us. I found this out the hard way. At a Children’s Pastor conference I went to in the midwest all the men’s bathrooms were converted to women’s bathrooms (ouch) and there were still lines for the ladies room!

I hate flannel graphs – My rule is if you have electricity in your building, city, village. You shouldn’t be using them EVER!

I Love Punk Rock. I know it’s a long way from father Abraham. I like other music to, actually anything but rap or hardcore. I do love worship music as well and my favorite kids worship albums by far are anything hillsong kids.

I think Walt Disney was a genius. – Some people would consider it heresy. I am so amazed at his ability to tap into the child with in all of us and create experiences that are so amazing then when you have kids you want them to share the same experiences you had as a kid. There are definitely some things the church could learn from Walt.

I believe that youth ministry and children’s ministry should be and are inseparable.

I believe that kids ministry today is where youth ministry was in the 80′s – Speaking of which the 80′s was the best decade so far a deadly combination of Hair and spandex. I believe children’s ministry is beginning to move in the minds of the masses from child care to authentic ministry much like youth ministry did starting in the 80′s moving into 90′s.

I like dogs not cats. – Don’t like cats to moody, to freaky.

One day I would love to make a documentary. – it may not be christian or a cartoon and it definitely won’t have Kirk Cameron in it.

David letterman is way funnier than Jay Lenno – even though Jay Lenno is a much nicer guy. Who I met 13 years ago at an in-and-out burger joint in LA.

I think that church should engage each sense in a positive way at every age but especially kids. – Please note positive way and no moth balls are not a positive engagement of the senses.

I believe children’s ministry is the most important ministry in the church.

I read blogs not magazines. – I guess I would chalk it up to interactivity being able to interact with the author of the article something magazines don’t provide.

I have never worn and never plan on wearing a larry the cucumber tie or bob the tomato t-shirt. – actually my favorite clothing store is Guess.

I talk to people like people – one of my biggest pet peves is when I meet someone who can’t turn off they good morning boys and girls voice and they use it in private conversation and when talking to the whole church.

I don’t believe in announcement recruitment. – I believe in relevant exciting programs, compelling vision, and the power of the “the ask”. Most leaders don’t use sign up sheets, most if not all of my top leaders came because of a personal invitation.

I think creating a fun, holy spirit, life-changing, Gospel Centered, everlasting environment is not about what you have, but who you are and most importantly who you know.

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Sam Luce has been the children’s pastor at Redeemer Church for over 13 years. A prolific blogger and popular children’s conference speaker, Sam has worked in children’s ministry for over 23 years and is also a contributing editor to K! magazine.
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