Jesus Heals the Sick AND Sticks Pennies to Walls!

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Kids in Ministry International
Jesus and pennies
Maybe Jesus Got Tired of Raising the Dead?


I love the supernatural power of God. I’m intrigued when He manifests Himself in unusual signs and wonders like when gold dust appears all over the hands the kids at our conferences. When they wipe it off, it just appears again a few seconds later. It sometimes continues for days on some of them long after the conference is over. Why does God do things like this? Isn’t having His holy presence is filling a room supernatural enough? I like what Joshua Mills says, “God gives us signs to make us wonder.”

But sometimes in our openness for the unusual, Spirit-filled Christians can also be rather gullible and attribute any unusual manifestation as the “power of God” or an “answer to prayer” as long as they tack “In the name of Jesus” onto the back of their prayers. In an age where the supernatural is all around us due to the emphasis on the paranormal in our society along with the invasion of other religions into western culture all of which have various levels of the supernatural in them, it’s becoming harder and harder to discern between the holy and the profane. And the latest fad among our choicest Spirit Filled Kids and youth is praying for Jesus to stick pennies to walls in the name of Jesus!

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Becky Fischer
Kids in Ministry International


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