16 Signs Kids Love Coming To Your Church

16 Signs Kids Love Coming To Your Church

by Dale Hudson



16 Signs Kids Love Coming To Your Church
Have you created an environment where kids love coming on weekends?


Dale HudsonHave you created an environment where kids love coming on weekends?  Here are some signs that they’re lovin’ what you’re doing. These are things you will see kids doing and hear about from their parents.

  1. They wake up their parents on Sunday mornings…excited about going to church.
  2. They invite their schoolmates to come.
  3. They sing the songs from church during the week.
  4. They line up early to get in.
  5. You hear laughter in the hallways.
  6. You see lots of smiles.
  7. They actively participate in the service/classroom.
  8. New families with kids show up and say their heard about the church from friends.
  9. They talk about a specific leader they have connected with.
  10. You can hear them singing through the walls at church.
  11. They tell their parents what they learned on the way home…without mom and dad having to ask.
  12. They get upset when they can’t attend.
  13. You can feel the energy in the hallways. When kids and parents walk in, they sense something different about the atmosphere.
  14. They answer “yes” when their parents ask if they had fun.
  15. Your attendance is growing.
  16. They keep coming back.

How many of these are you experiencing?
What adjustments or steps do you need to make to accomplish this?
What are some other signs you would add? Would enjoy hearing your feedback in the comments section.

One of the coolest moments I’ve experienced in Children’s Ministry happened a couple of months ago. I was walking through one of our environments and noticed that a little girl was crying. I went over to see what was wrong. With tears flowing she said, “Mom said it’s time to go and I don’t want to leave!”

I didn’t want her to be upset, but what she said was music to my ears! That’s not always kids’ response and we’ve got a long ways to go..but we’re working on it.

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 Dale Hudson has been on the Children’s Ministry journey for 21 years. He was recently named as one of the top twenty influencers in children’s ministry by Children’s Ministry Magazine. He is the Director of Children’s Ministries at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach, Florida where he oversees the children’s ministry at the church’s five campuses. He is the co-author of Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century, Turbo Charged Children’s Ministry, and Turbo Charged Preschool Ministry. In addition, he also writes for children’s ministry leadership magazines on a regular basis and speaks at children’s ministry conferences across the country.

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